Birthday Celebrations

I haven’t written a blog in a hot minute. Why? I have been busy doing life – fabulously! It was recently my 43rd birthday, almost 3 years since the diagnosis that changed the course of my life. Each birthday brings me closer and close to that 5-year mark where I can declare that since the cancer hasn’t returned, my chances of getting a recurrence are greatly reduced. I’m not there yet, but I am getting closer.

So, this blog is just a reflection of my birthday celebrations thus far. They shall be continuing throughout the year as that was the plan for my 40th birthday but that got cut short unfortunately. So, join me as I live vicariously through my photos and enjoy each moment once again.

I learned to make vegan dumplings at Mohini Howard’s Adventures with Food home cookery class
I woke to these beautifully crafted hand-written notes from my darling daughter
Cutting this birthday cake made by my mum Mrs Wilson, of Mrs Wilson’s cakes.
Rufina looking all Bea Smith from Cell Block H
Afterwards we went to Sip ‘n Stroke in Dalston where we were instructed to create a girl power image whilst being entertained on with karaoke and dance opportunities. We were joined by my friend Cherry.
We present the piece de resistance! Okay, so the last time we all painted would probably have been in school. 🙂
Finally, absolutely love this birthday card created for me by Rachel. The inside reads: Becky, This is your year to Glow Up’ And she is absolutely right. The warm-up journey began last year, now the full blown Glow Up begins!

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