The Metamorphosis

Photo credit: Sara Amanda

If 2018 was the year of the baptism by fire, then 2019 so far has been all about the metamorphosis. I have been going through a massive internal transformation. Post cancer, I have had to work through: redefining my identity and relationships, coming to grips with the fragility of life, controlling my empathetic nature as a form of protection, acknowledging and dealing with my trauma, contemplating the future and finding light after a massive period of darkness.

Many people see the results of my healthy eating, exercising and the focus paid on my styling choices – the glow up. Some have commented on my weight loss, more youthful appearance and my new interest in fashion. However, no one fully knows about the work I have painstakingly gone though to get to this stage, and it is still in motion. That’s okay, when the time is right, I will tell all. But in the meanwhile, understanding that no camera can capture the internal journey, I take pride in continuing to share the images that reflect some of that soulful engineering.

These photos were taken in June and November 2019 respectively. The one on the left shows a version of me that was unsure of her place in the world, still getting to grips with her identity and was working on regaining her self-confidence. In the other image, this iteration of Rebbecca has created a framework of her identity, her self-esteem has ballooned, and she is beginning to unearth her true power.

The metamorphosis continues.

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