The Necessity of the Glow Up

Okay so I have a weakness for US TV shows and Youtube channels. I’m a Wendy (Williams) watcher, Iyanla Vanzant (when she is on) has me addicted and there are so many Youtubers dropping knowledge on us mere mortals when it comes to all things fashion, beauty and building ourselves up from the inside out. A term which I often hear on these shows is ‘glowing up’. The Urban dictionary describes the process as:

“To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.” It goes on to compare the ugly duckling to the gorgeous swan.

Photo credit: Sara Amanda

For me, glowing up is all of that but also fundamentally so much more. I would like to extend the definition to include transforming from the inside out, because I think it doesn’t matter how great you look on the outside, if you haven’t worked on building up confidence in your identity and self-worth, the process is futile. It’s all boils down ultimately to how we feel. If we truly want to feel great on a consistent basis, we must work on repairing the broken parts i.e. the dumped girlfriend, the unhappy unhealthy chick, the unappreciated mother, the ‘doesn’t feel she is good enough’ kind of girl, the ‘has just had the most traumatic emotional experience’ kind of female. The list really could go on.

2014, there was a time where how I looked day to day didn’t matter so much. Here I was having fun getting lost in a maze with my daughter but I know I didn’t feel great outside of my role as a mother and I can see it.

Now let’s be clear, I am not saying that this is by any means always an easy process. As those who follow my blog will know, getting over my cancer experience is ongoing (and I haven’t even touched on my breakups, losing a baby, fibroids, dealing with my weight issues etc…). What I do believe however is that we all have a duty to ourselves to work towards glowing up. Currently, I am going through a massive glow up period and I can honestly say I have never felt so confident, fulfilled, uplifted, desired, worthy, good enough, capable and happy in my life! The impact this has, means that I am thinking differently about my career, my goals, who I spend my time with, the types of environments I frequent, the food I put in my body, working out, etc…

It’s as if I have entered a new realm of life that always existed but I simply wasn’t aware of. In this new dimension, I am working with stylist Miss LMRX who helps me get ready for my presenting gigs, I am listening to my celebrity MUA (makeup artist) and long- time friend Miss Sabrina ‘Boujee’ Gonzales, my nails are manicured without fail, I’m buying more flattering clothes, my business is evolving, my daughter and I enjoy more fun experiences together, I’m reading books that feed my thinking (still my current favourite is ‘The Birth Order’ book by Kevin Leman), I’m saving eye-catching outfit combinations on Pinterest, I walk (in fact, I run) away negative energy and much more.

The process is forever unveiling. Just this week I had a photo shoot with Sara Amanda. Through her lens, she further encouraged my glow up by enabling me to see my assets.

It’s important to reiterate that glowing up is not just focused on how you look. Much of it is about doing the inner work so that you feel great internally on a consistent basis. I am a girly girl, I like to put on make-up and experiment with clothes. Not every person is that way inclined. The really important take-way is that in order to transform, you must work on increasing your self-worth, diminishing your disempowering beliefs and begin to value who you are and what you bring to the world.

Look ladies, it can be hard on these streets for several political (I am not mentioning the ‘B’ word), personal and social reasons. Glowing up gives you the strength to deal with life, crack on and do it whilst looking and feeling fabulous. What one thing are you going to do to begin your (or progress) your glow up journey?

Photo credit: Sara Amanda

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