June Sarpong Interview

This blog forms part of the Throwback series of blogs. In 2018 my blog malfunctioned and many of my posts disappeared from the web. At the time I was still recovering from my breast cancer ordeal and just didn’t have the heart to repost them. Now, I am in a much better place, I have decided since I know these blogs are helping others, they must be reinstated. This was originally posted in March 2018.

Taking questions from the audience

So this night is best told in photographs. I cannot express to you how elated I feel after interviewing June Sarpong. She was so warm and accommodating. It truly felt like I was having a chat with a friend. Well done to Sandy Joseph and all the organisers for curating such a fun and important event. June I wish you every success with Diversify – it’s a book everyone serious about creating a diverse world, should read.

A full house, pregnant with questions
Many women spoke about how they could relate to issues brought up in the book
Performance poet Janette Barrett and saxophonist Millicent Stephenson kept the crowd ignited
My make up artist and friend Sabrina Gonzales captures a moment with June

Photo credit: Gavin Tefler of Plugged Designs

Videographers: Gillian Harvey and Leonie Smith

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