Reppin’ for the Trolls!

After watching the Trolls movie with my daughter, for the first time,  I am officially and unashamedly a new fan.


Well, apart from being a well made, aesthetically pleasing, feel-good, and a thoroughly enjoyable movie, I realise that I am a troll! I have always been a troll. I just didn’t know it until now. 

Many real-life Bergens, (the pitiful creatures in the movie, who don’t know how to be happy) never understood where my happiness and joy came from. Just like those in the movie, they believed they had to destroy a troll in order to feel the joy. I used to sometimes hide my troll-like nature as it was too much for some others. If I lived by their rules, I was supposed to wallow in misery, thrive in anger and walk around under a rain cloud of doom.

But nah, never that! That’s not in my nature. 

I am a Troll whose hearts sings, dances, laughs, appreciates, is grateful and acknowledges it is blessed with the ability to beat! 

I’m a troll for life! 


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