Becks in the City

Sing with me :"From yu wake up dis marnin, you's a winner!"

The Selfie

Today she put on one of her favourite dresses, did her make up and hair, then took this selfie. A million thoughts dash through her mind hourly on what could have been, what still could be, who she was and who she is now. She has no answers. Instead she smiles and presses the button.



Today I Met the New Becky


Reppin’ for the Trolls!

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  1. Your smiles, said everything is fine with me. I sometimes think, we need to count our blessing rather then thing about the things we want an cant have. I always remember Micheal Jackson and Whitney, for all their money, they could not make it to 50. Which goes to show your health is more important than you wealth. I have a lot of friends who have health issues, the reality is at least they are here to feel the pain. Because it could be worse. This morning you got up, and that is the best blessing you could have. So keep smiling it is a beautiful smile, and is worth more then all the make up.

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